Talks & Working Papers

Drafts of working papers available upon request. 


"Political Resistance and Moral Transformation: Fanon on Revolutionary Appropriation"



"On Intellectual Property and Knowledge Appropriation"

"Racecraft and the Temporal Scope of Social Equality"

[redacted for review]

"Critical Methodologies: Decolonizing Political Theory" 

"Knowledge Appropriation and Anticolonial Resistance

"Decolonizing Cultural Globalization: Césaire and the Hierarchy of Creator and Consumer"

"Nehru, Internationalism, and World Union: An Anticolonial Approach to Global Democracy" 

"‘Wild men bent upon revenge’: international investment and neocolonialism as structural racial exploitation" 

"Decolonizing Cultural Globalization"

"Towards a Postcolonial Global Justice: Decolonization as Egalitarian Revolution" 

"On the Ethics of Pregurative Resistance",

Title redacted for review 

"The Egalitarian Basis of Anticolonialism"

"Two Strands of Anticolonialism"

"Talking about Freedom: Self-Determination and the Problem of Neocolonialism"

"Colonial Injustice and the Moral Foundations of Collective Self-Determination"

"Citizenship and Statelessness: The Problem of Revocation"

"On the Use and Abuse of National Identity", Brave New World Graduate Conference, Manchester Center for Political Theory, Manchester University, Manchester, 2016.